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Wood Floor Restoration

If your house was built before 1963, chances are you have thousands of dollars worth of hardwood flooring under your old dingy carpet just waiting to be refinished. At Matt Walsh Wood Floors, we are experts at restoring hardwood floors that are decades old. We have even brought floors back to near condition that are over 100years old! We can repair and refinish hardwood flooring that most companies say is beyond repair. We have experience saving original flooring that is ¾, 1/2 and even, 3/8 inch thick. So give us a call and let an expert see what we can do with your floor.


If you do not have wood floors currently in your house, my crew and I are experts at installing all kinds of hardwood flooring from solid strip flooring to almost every kind of engineered wood flooring on the market today. We can install over existing wood sub-floors or install a wood sub-floor over concrete for nail down solid strip flooring applications. Also, we have extensive experience installing and repairing all types of glue down and floating engineered hardwood flooring products. We also install staircases.


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